Feb 08

Best accessories for iPhone, iPad and Mac presented at the CES 2015

Printers robot, intelligent locks, cables and memories Lightning, external drives SSD Thunderbolt 2 cases duplicating your coverage and Bluetooth locks. CES 2015 has come loaded with new features for users of Apple and if yesterday we showed seven Home Kit enabled devices today we open the range to cover most other surprises of the show.

You are spearheading these lines which have an image of the first accessory that we believe are worth highlighting: a Waterproof Case for iPhone 6 free Power Company Life Proof and accessories Life Active. With it we can leave our iPhone to a depth of two meters for an hour, drop it from the same height and connect to a range of compatible mounts for bicycle, chest and adhesive mounts and suction. Sure you get the idea, use the iPhone as a sports camera “fearless” the consequences.

The housing free Power also hides an additional 2600 MAH battery that doubles the autonomy of the phone so you better have more than 128 GB model to record not stop until I hurt all over.

Even with a speed of 1.2 A4 pages per minute in black and white will not beat any records, the Zuta portable printer has deservedly won the award for the greatest innovation of this CES. This little robot 350 grams printer is connected via Wi-Fi with our phone for us to draw up to 100 documents on paper before you need to change your cartridge. Since the printer is moving on paper, is actually not limited to a particular size or format so the only limitation will find a large enough surface to unleash our ideas.

Zuta is available as early priced at $ 200 sale.

The lock intelligent, now more connected

Although the smart lock August and reached some time in our sights, the new accessory presented by the manufacturer makes it even more attractive if possible. It is August Connect and consists of a small device that plugs into any outlet and acts as a bridge between August Smart Lock and our local Wi-Fi network.

The lock is already capable by itself with a lot of interesting things like lock or unlock automatically when you enter or leave the house, and uses a system of digital keys that can be created with specific permissions (for a certain time and day for example) and send to whoever we want to open the door with their phones, but with Connect had to have total control over the lock no matter where we are. While you’re on the other side of the world, you can connect to it and see if it really is closed, open or close distance (e.g. to let us pack) and receive notifications when someone enters or leaves the house.

The price is $ 49.99 in addition to the $ 249.95 lock itself.

A pen drive Lightning

The Telkonet Leef is the perfect USB stick for users of iPhone and iPad. As you can see has a Lightning connector so you can use it directly in both your Mac and PC, as with phones and tablets launched by Apple from 2012 onwards.

The memory has a free app to access data stored in it, and will go on sale in mid-month in capacities of 16, 32, 64, 128 and 256 GB for prices ranging from 60 to $ 400 .

cables Lightning LED

Other World Computing has announced the Viper Pro SSD, an external storage to be marketed throughout the year in two models, the Viper Pro Thunderbolt SSD and Viper Pro Thunderbolt SSD RAID 4 Edition, both with capacities of 4 and 8 TB and speeds up 1400MB / s. The RAID 4 version includes the Soft RAID system that optimizes the operation of this type of RAID SSDs to provide data redundancy without sacrificing speed.

Both discs are designed with 4K workflows in mind and thanks to Thunderbolt interface 2 video professionals can capture and edit video without problems. Need even more storage? No problem, Thunderbolt allows you to connect up to six peripherals chain, including screens, audio interfaces or additional Viper Pro SSDs. Price not know anything.

CES 2015 has been plagued by cases of all types, shapes and colors. But along the model terrain with which we began this collection there is another who could not ignore: it is called Reach79 and a casing for iPhone 6 Antenna79 company designed to amplify the phone’s antenna and we have more coverage (and autonomy step) without changing company.

In exchange for $ 60 by the model for iPhone 6 and 70 for the iPhone 6 Plus, its manufacturer claims that we can double the capacity of the antenna integrated phone through a thin gold film works through something called “passive coupling”. If it works, of course promises.
Besides all this, we speak of a carry case; according Antenna79 can protect your iPhone from drops up to 2 meters. And finally, a Bluetooth lock.

Not if Noke is as stated the first Bluetooth padlock world but certainly the first which aroused our curiosity back in the middle of last year. It is a long wait that will last a little longer until April when they finally start to send the first units.

The concept needs little explanation which is a lock without a key that opened from an app where you can add as many as you want and baptize with such imaginative names as “office” or “bicycle”. It works with Bluetooth 4.0, strong, waterproof and with a range of more than a year. And if when we ran out of battery on the phone, no problem, we can define a key in the lock itself, but not any one but a pattern of short or long press on plan Morse code.

Are you interested? It will cost you $ 55 and you can choose between two colors, gray and black.